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New Conference Papers 2016:


"the Geological Survey of Nambia is financially committed in 3D moelling, while systematically building in-house capacity. Intrepid Geophysics has been an incredible partner and service provider in terms of software support and capacity building."  John-Paul Mubita Mubita, Chief Geoscientist, Geological Survey of Namibia, September 2016
"I truly think that GeoModeller covers a very good range of workflows. 
Actually there´s not much more I can add to its workflow variety and capabilities as compared to other similar competing tools available in the market." Vitor Hugo Ribeiro Araujo, Principal Geologist, Lundin Mining November 2014
"Geology is 3-D visualization and this program has made that possible; allowing both on-the-fly and detailed models of geology.
I love how the forward and inverse modelling philosophy is “borrowed” from geophysics and built into the program as a way
of refining and truthing geological models."  Heather Campbell Geologist, Baffinland Mines April 2014