GeoIntrepid Solution Services

To maximise the business benefits from your software purchase, we specialise in providing power-user solutions, including: geophysical data processing, interpretation, quality control and 3D geological and geophysical modelling.

Our team of geologists and geophysicists has extensive experience and expertise with a wide range of geological and geophysical data:

Airborne EM 2.5D inversion [per line km, bureau service]

Multiscale Edge Enhancement

3D Modelling and Inversion

Depth to source estimation

Airborne and Ground Data Processing

Airborne Magnetic and Gravity Gradiometry and QC

Marine Data Processing and QC


Custom Developments

 Intrepid Geophysics also provides custom software developments;

  • Modification and enhancements to modules within our suite of software products
  • Bespoke software solutions to solve customer problems
  • Software development in project support, such as:
  • Installing our software on diverse HPC (High Performance Computing) facilities
  • Developing processing modules for specific geophysical instruments, particularly using the full tensor
  • Developing tools to process specific legacy data


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