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Modules: GeoModeller



GEOLOGY MODELLING Full 3D geology model-building including all input/output, editing, visualisation, advanced drill hole management, interpolation of drill hole attributes, 2D/3D grid/mesh visualisation & computation, geology & resource volumetrics, property optimisation. Forward Grav-Mag geophysics modelling in 2.5D & 3D. And forward prediction of synthetic 2D seismographs.

Main Add-on


FULL GRAV/MAG INVERSION Litho-constrained stochastic geophysical inversion. Including joint inversion of any number and combination from: gravity, magnetics, tensor grids of Grav/Mag, and component tensor grids of Grav/Mag. Litho-constraints are either directly from 3D geology (GeoModeller-Base) or linked to an imported starting lithology or property voxet. Also includes any combination (%) from Fixed Geology Property-Only inversion to Fixed Property Geology Geometry-only inversion. This module also includes 3D geothermal computations, and a micro-seismic events record viewer with a temporal filter.

Add-on to V4

CGAL Libraries

For building meshes of surfaces and volumes by triangular and tetrahedral elements, derived from implicit models from GeoModeller, exporting to various finite element mesh formats (some aspects of this support still under development in Beta GeoModeller v3.4)

Add-on to V4

Limited AEM module 1D inversion

Enabling: Load/interrogate your airborne EM survey data; Create geological sections for each line; Create a geology model and predict the 1D EM response; Review the predicted outcomes as log conductivity sections and 3D Point clouds of predicted resistivity/conductivity; Generate a request for a 2.5D inversion bureau service to be performed by Intrepid Geophysics for a fee (see below). Supports all common commercial airborne EM systems.

Module not for sale

Bureau Service only


FULL EM 1D/2.5D forward and inverse modelling for airborne EM.  With a new optimised GSVD solver and using a geological reference model. Available as bureau service-only. Set-up fee with a per-line-km basis. Results and products ready for GeoModeller-Base. Supports all common commercial airborne EM systems.


Modules: Intrepid


IMPORT  (Base 0)

Import, Export - File Manager - Data Interchange Manager, Stats, Metadata, Thumbnails


Projection Conversion, Datum to Datum


3D Explore: Editing & visualisation of points, polylines, 2D/3D grids, voxets, meshes (including Tensor Grids)


Gridding - Akima, Nearest Neighbour, Minimum Curvature (MINQ), Bi-directional cubic spline), variable sample density gridding, 

EDITING (Base 4)

3D Explore, Spreadsheet, Profile, Flight Path, Split Lines for marine (Point, Line & Grid) 


Map Composer and Map Print


Logical & Spatial Subsection, Profile Extract, Append, Merge


Standalone Wizard APP

marine gravity data processing

Rapid and User Friendly - Marine Gravity Processing software APP (for on-cruise or post-cruise use). Processing to fully corrected Free Air anomaly maps from Air Sea II & MGS-6 meters. Fast, easy to use wizard. Process daily or on cruise completion. ‘Sea-g’ is Powered by INTREPID (purchase includes Base 0-6 above)


Starter Bundle: Base 0 to 6, above


Line Filtering (Spectral, Spatial Convolution & Specials) Spectral: Band Pass, Band Reject, Low Pass, High Pass, Kaiser Band Pass, Vertical Derivative, Horizontal Derivative, Upward Continuation, Downward Continuation, Variable Continuation, Reduction to Pole, Vertical Component, Horizontal Component, Fourier Hilbert. Spatial Convolution: Fuller, Smoothed Fuller, Hilbert. Specials: Phillips, Pass Through, Strip Gravity Layer. 


Grid Filtering (Fast Fourier Transform FFT, Spatial Convolution & Tensor Convolutions) FFT: Low, High and Band Pass, Horizontal Derivative, Vertical Derivative, Reduction, Continuation, Analytic Signal, Total Horizontal Derivative, Directional Cosine, Hilbert Transform, Pseudo-Gravity, Matched Filter, Butterworth, Gaussian, Susceptibility, Apparent Density, Tensor Query, Vertical Integral, Component, Cosine Rolloff. Spatial Convolution: Contrast Normalisation, Gaussian Anti-alias, Terracing. Tensor Convolutions: Potential, LaPlacian Error, Fourier Coefficients, Smoothed Tensor, Estimate Vertical Component.


Grid Operatons (Grid Re-sampling, Smoothing, Rotations, Decimations, Extract/Implant, Dump, Detrend, with Manager & Registration) Re-sampling by: Newton 4th order (opt. smooth), Cubic Spline (opt. smooth), Minimum curvature (opt. smooth), Cubic Polynomial (opt. Smooth). Smoothing by Minimum Curvature; Rotation; Decimate grid (half); Extract grid from Multiband, Implant grid into Multiband, Promote grid to double precision; Dump non-null grid values row-wise or column-wise to dataset; Detrend Grid.


Horizontal Gradient Gridding of Grids of Measured Components, TMI enhance (also VD)


Grid Merge - Weighted least squares merge of many grids simultaneously


(1-Grids) Euler/Werner, MagMage for Grid data

(2-Lines) Improved Naudy for Profile data

(3-3D) Worms, Lineaments, GIS Integration, for Grid data


(1-Airborne) Tie Line Levelling, Loop Levelling, XY Shifts, Logs

(2-Grid based) Decorrugation & Micro levelling

(3-Marine) Joint Levelling of Multiple Line Datasets


Multi-channel radiometrics processing (includes NASVD &256 MNF, GR820, Pico)


Field Data Reduction, Datum to Datum, Utility Functions, Terrain Correction, Earthtide, Free Air Anomaly maps

Advanced Modules



Gradient Enhanced Multi-pass, Multi-dataset, Tensor Gradients, Tensor Grids.


Power feature of GridMerge - Microlevelling of all line data associated with Grids


Includes all of levelling, plus

Tensor Levelling, Gradient Levelling, Earth Models


Moving Platform and Land based field data reduction, Terrain correction, Utility Functions, Earthtide, Free Air, Bouguer, Bathymetry handling, Datum to Datum, (L&R, CG3, CG5, etc.) Isostatic Correction (Moho), Auto decorrelation, Tensor Formation, De-noising. (Bell, Falcon, LaCoste and Romberg, ZLS) Merge with Master

New Auto-solvers

Available with v6.0 beta


  • Clustering for tilt, dip & strike estimation in elongated surface features (supporting FTG data)
  • Solving Random Magnetic Dipoles – (for flood basalts and sills)
  • 3D Fault Network Generation – extension of WormE
  • Clustering of a 3D point cloud (eg., seismic events records) for solving a complex 3D fault zone via implicit surface modelling

All NEW modules, ask for details


Modules: JetStream



A single perpetual licence of JetStream for installation on a single PC, includes:

  • A MyJetStream software manual
  • first 12 months of Technical Support, Upgrades and Maintenance

Full service

JetStream Solution



A general guide (minimum outline):

Part a:   Software licence

  • Perpetual JetStream and limited Intrepid software licences:

[limited Intrepid licence for performing import/export/re-projection/file management/gridding]

  • Web-based, internet or intranet
  • JetStream software manuals
  • Intrepid software manuals

Part b:  Customised design, implementation, training and support

  • Project Management of System and Catalogue design and implementation
  • Software installed on servers(2) by Intrepid Geophysics running a minimum software architecture linked with a basic array of catalogues to existing datasets, with a JetStream-Intrepid software licence.
  • 3-days in-house training for both 'User' and 'Admin' levels
  • Includes the first 12 months of Technical Support, Upgrades and Maintenance