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Intrepid 6.2 makes Continental Scale Geophysics and Feature Extraction more accurate, straightforward, and routine.

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Intrepid 6.2 offers optimized and integrated workflows for more than 70 tools that cope with the complexity that the geoscience world presents. Intrepid 6.2 is an technology stack and package that covers the rules
of geology and its physical properties all within the constraints of geophysics.

Our efforts in Intrepid remains as the only holistic attempt in the industry to systematize the geoscience tools and further our leadership in Geology from Geophysics.


Intrepid Geophysics has provided software and services for potential field geophysics, airborne electromagnetics and integrated geology for more than 35 years. Intrepid Geophysics now develops and commercializes four software products: INTREPID, Sea-g, GeoModeller, and JetStream.
Our deliverables are clear and comprehensive.

We develop software products for advanced potential field geophysics processing, and for building implicit 3D geology models constrained by raw and integrated data sources.

Our products can perform QA/QC, processing, interpretation, integrated 3D geological & geophysical modelling, 2D/3D geophysical forward modelling and litho-constrained stochastic inverse modelling. Our products include world-renowned, product-wide support for full tensor gradiometry both as a signal type and the components.

We also provide Solution and Training Services customized to suit your needs, employing any combination of our software codes and working with your project-based data, or our standard tutorials & data sets, as required.

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Explore our 3D geological modelling and geophysical data processing software suite.


Discover our bureau service offer in geological modelling, 2.5D Airborne Electromagnetics inversion and more.


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