3D Explore / Visualization


3D Explore Features


View Geological and Geophysical features in 3D

Explore Complex Data

Explore Multi-Band and Tensor datasets


Combine Data

Combine Lines, Grids, Points and Draped surfaces into a single 3D view.

3D Explore is a visualisation and editing tool for  2D and 3D datasets such as grids, voxets and meshes (including Tensor Grids). It features the capability to have integrated or linked selections between Map, Plot and Table views. The visualisations support a variety of colour LUTs, Drapes and sun-angles which can be used to highlight important geophysical features in both simple and complex data visualisations.

Common Application/Tasks

View TMI, Gravity or Airborne EM line or gridded data with LUT and sun-angle configurations.

Make quick selections between linked views/windows

Produce visualisations of tensors or complex datasets.

Relevant Industries



Geophysical Surveys