3D Forward Modelling and Stochastic Inversion

Forward Modelling

3D Forward Modelling and Stochastic Inversion

Geophysical Forward Modelling

Spatial forward modelling. Rapid 3D FFT forward modelling method.

Inversion and Property Optimization

More appropriate to treat problem in 3D with GeoModeller Inversion. Bring any of the measured scalar and geology into 3D to make constrained 3D geology models.

Test and Quantify Geological Uncertainty

GeoModeller methods and probability functions have been designed to quantify uncertainty for Commonality, Shape Ration and Volume Ratio.

GeoModeller performs geophysical forward & inverse modelling on magnetics or gravity, or both jointly (using a stochastic inversion method directly on 3D geology). The process includes tools for rock properties optimisation, full tensor gradiometry modelling, a micro-seismic events record viewer & filter, and geothermal modelling.

The Stochastic exploration creates alternate 3D Geological models, guided by potential field data to quantify the model’s uncertainty.

Utilizing geophysical data is crucial to developing accurate geological models. Intrepid Geophysics’ 3D Forward Modelling and inversion service takes full Monte Carlo Markov Chain theory and implementation as well as support for Full Tensor Gravity and Full Tensor Magnetic modelling, Full Gravity & Magnetic Inversion, Litho-constrained stochastic geophysical inversion. Including joint inversion of gravity and magnetics direct from 3D geology, and geothermal.


Common Applications/Task

3D Forward Modelling and Stochastic Inversion

3D Lithology / Property models

3D maps supported by the magnetic, gravity and geological observations.

Relevant Industries

Oil & Gas

Large Scale Surveys

Mining Development