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Continuing to bridge the gap between innovative science and turning ideas into practical products and valuable services. Intrepid Geophysics has provided software and services for potential field geophysics and integrated geology for more than 35 years. Intrepid Geophysics now develops and commercialises three software products: INTREPIDTM GeoModellerTM and JetStreamTM

Software Product History

  • 1992
  • 2002
  • 2008
  • 2012
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2019

In 1992 our company, backed by industry and government participants, launched the INTREPID product, the foremost tool for potential field geophysics data interpretation, processing, visualization and QA/QC.

In 2002, the BRGM (French geological survey) and Intrepid Geophysics joined a partnership for the commercialization of the Editeur Geologique experimental software, the first fully 3D implicit geological modelling platform. now called GeoModeller. Our collaborative relations with the BRGM continues to this day.

Between the years 2004 and 2008, Intrepid Geophysics and the BRGM collaborated to the development of a commercial solution relying on the base technology of the Editeur Geologique combined with Intrepid software technologies. The resulting commercial product was first released to the public as GeoModeller.

In 2012, Intrepid Geophysics released the JetStream application, a web based data archiving and cataloguing solution, for fast and secure delivery of geophysical datasets – offering enhancements and no loss of precision upon download.

Intrepid Geophysics releases MOKSHA to the market, the first version of its leading edge 2.5D AEM service.

Intrepid Geophysics releases Sea-g, a comprehensive marine gravity data processing software using Intrepid technology.

Version 4 of GeoModeller was rolled out in September 2017, with unique new features including high quality meshing for finite elements simulations, an AEM inversion module, Google Protocol Buffer API and project version control.

Intrepid Geophysics released version 6 of the Intrepid software in 2019. This major release brought a complete set of new tools such as magnetic transect and facet modelling, all packaged in an upgraded UI.

Intrepid Geophysics - Parent Company

Intrepid Geophysics - Parent Company

Intrepid Geoscience - Software Sales & Training

Intrepid Geoscience - Software Sales & Training

GeoIntrepid - Solution Services

GeoIntrepid - Solution Services

Intrepid Geophysics’ head office is in Melbourne, Australia. We have associates active in Australia and Namibia, and Resellers active in India, China, UK, Europe, SE Asia and the Americas.

The Intrepid Geophysics Group of companies and its associates engage more than fifteen geophysicists, software developers and a range of professional support staff.

Our customers apply our products for business benefits in a range of sectors and industries including Government, Academia, Minerals Exploration, Petroleum (Oil and Gas), Hydrogeology, Geothermal, and Geotechnical Engineering.

Our software and services are sold globally. We are also proud of long-term contractual agreements with over 20 geological surveys, and a collection of mining, oil and gas companies,  covering wide-ranging activities.

Companies Details

Desmond Fitzgerald & Associates Pty Ltd (trading as Intrepid Geophysics since 6 April 2001)
ABN 69 006 991 180

Louides Enterprises Pty Ltd (trading as GeoIntrepid and Intrepid Geoscience)
ABN 51 065 352 409