Advanced Fault Network Management

Network Management

Advanced Fault Network Management

Honour geological knowledge

Using finite faults allows geological knowledge to be honoured.

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Fault to Fault, Fault to Series

Build complex fault to fault and fault to series matricies.

Implicit Fault Throws

Derive fault throws from measured structural data implicitly.

A complete 3D vector field is interpolated from orientation and trace data for each fault. The fault’s surface is extracted using a marching cube method which is clipped if necessary. The fault’s vector field is also used as the basis for a drift function, which is applied to the relevant lithological interfaces. This process enables data-driven modelling as the throws are being calculated, not assumed.

Common Applications/Task

Infrastructure Engineering

Reservoir simulation and Fluid Flow modelling

Mine engineering

Relevant Industries

Oil & Gas

Geological Surveys



Water-modelling and Geotech