ARGUS Announcement


To Our Valued Customers,

Intrepid Geophysics is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of ARGUS, the modern, innovative software solution for inferring geology from geophysics.

The initial release will be focused on AEM processing with broader capability being added rapidly. Intrepid Geophysics is currently undertaking internal beta testing and will be seeking external testers.

As you know, GeoModeller was developed by Intrepid Geophysics in the 2000s to build complex, steady-state, implicit 3D geological models, and to perform forward and inverse geophysical modelling. Over the past two decades it has been an outstanding piece of software that has produced state-of-the-art solutions for our customers and provided significant breakthroughs in linking geology and geophysics.

However, further development of GeoModeller in the directions and capabilities requested in customer feedback is now seriously constrained by the underlying architecture designed nearly 3 decades ago, by the technologies used to implement that architecture, and by IP issues.

At the same time, traditional exploration geophysics processing and interpretation, as embodied in the Intrepid flag-ship product, has also morphed to 3D, and to the cloud.

Consequently, Intrepid Geophysics is now releasing a new product, ARGUS, developed from the ground up with future-proofed architecture and technologies and all-new code. The product is wholly owned by Intrepid Geophysics. This product will replace GeoModeller in our product offerings and will be far more adaptable to the changing preferences for desktop and cloud-based solutions and for targeted access to the specific tools needed by a customer.

Therefore, we are starting to deprecate all support for the GeoModeller product.

Intrepid Geophysics remains committed to its customer base and will provide a seamless pathway for all current GeoModeller license holders to transition to the new ARGUS platform (see below).

Drivers for change

Customer demand for the delivery of cloud-based software solutions as a service and targeted access to specific tools placed unachievable demands on the architecture and technologies in GeoModeller.

The increasing demand to meet the challenges of characterising groundwater resources, finding “strategic” minerals, and characterising possible hydrogen underground storage facilities, are amongst the shifts in focus of customer requirements requiring new capability that has been difficult to incorporate in the structure of GeoModeller. The architecture of ARGUS has been carefully designed to facilitate the future addition of new and diverse functionality to meet changing requirements. For example, we will now be better able to meet customer demand regarding increased integration of geophysical datasets, drilling, structural geology, and the emerging on-line resources for traditional mapping inputs.

ARGUS will be capable of handling larger volumes of modern airborne geophysics data and other scalar measurements. Data such as Airborne Electromangetics, Seismic, Magnetotellurics, Gradiometry and Geological observations can all inform your modern models.

ARGUS is well-positioned to seamlessly manage and quantify all aspects of the uncertainty associated with creating one or more instances of a common earth model that reconciles and is consistent with the available information, and is able to report confidence levels in all parts of your project area.

ARGUS allows for distributed computing, remote data access/retrieval, and version controls.

ARGUS will have an expanded “access under the hood” which can be exposed via language bindings such as C++, Java and Python; Allowing for automated workflows for all stages in the workflow.

Licensing and Transition to the new ARGUS platform

The licensing system for all Intrepid Geophysics products now follows an annual renewal cycle.

Consequently a 12-month transition period is offered for all existing customers.

Academic customers generally renew on a yearly basis and so their transition will occur as their licence needs to be renewed.

For maintenance paying customers the upgrade to ARGUS will occur when your current license comes up for its annual renewal.

Permanent license holders of GeoModeller who have not moved SAAS (Software as a Service) are able to negotiate a favourable pathway to ARGUS.


Intrepid Geophysics acknowledges and thanks the BRGM for their support that initiated the development of GeoModeller. Intrepid Geophysics also thanks the many Australian Government agencies that provided substantial support that enabled the original commercialization.

From Desmond FitzGerald and the team at Intrepid Geophysics,

Thank you, we look forward to our future.


Dr. Desmond FitzGerald