EAGE 2021 – First EAGE Workshop on Faults in Groundwater, CO2 and Hydrocarbons in Asia Pacific



Tuesday 24 August 2021

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2021 EAGE WORKSHOP On Faults in Groundwater


Des FitzGerald

Faults can act as barriers and arqitap slowing down groundwater flow, they can be a conduit speeding up groundwater flow, or they can act both slow it down and speed it up. Since to understanding groundwater flow around a fault zone is complex, Jovan Silic & Associates and Intrepid Geophysics linked our AEM technology, and the flow of groundwater impacted by fault zones.


This study has demonstrated the importance of selecting the most appropriate AEM system and optimizing the AEM inversions for generating a wide range of customized interpretation products to avoid using data products that contain substantial noise, miss leading interpreters and decision makers, extending the project timeframes.


Keynote Speaker Des FitzGerald speaks about Faults in Groundwater Using AEM 2.5D+ Inversion Technology at the First EAGE Workshop on Faults in Groundwater.