IMAGE 2021 Technical Session



Wednesday 29 September 2021

Webinar Type

IMAGE 2021 Technical Session on Interpretation


Des FitzGerald

Des FitzGerald speaks about the how to defining the geological contacts can be facilitated by using the interpretations of worms. Worm data provides interpretation about the fault depth extent and where they are located. With the current shift to 3D geology modelling, issues arise to improve/generalise the worming technology to produce 3D contacts & foliations that can be interpreted, particularly the subset that indicates a primary fault network.


The method tool has been improved by Intrepid technology, that does the bulk of all this work is known as WormE. The follow up into an integrated 3D geology modelling environment, that is a true join between the geologist and the geophysicist must be capable of generating the 3D fault surfaces again from the observations.