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Data Editing

Data Editing

seo and web optimization 02 final SpreadSheet Editor

View and Modify line or grid data using pre-existing or user-defined formula.

Explore Data Flight Path Editor

Correct erroneous or overlapping flight paths, manually or by conditional statements.

13-curve-charts-mathematics-analytics-statistics-finance Profile Editor

Level spikes in data, and interpolate over missing or nulled segments.

Direct data editing can be performed in Intrepid using in the SpreadSheet, Flight Path or Profile editor. The SpreadSheet editor can be used to process data which does not conform to standard geophysical workflows. Data within the SpreadSheet editor can be modified manually, with predefined formulas, or by manual formula input. The Flight Path editor and Profile editor allows users to quickly choose to, or not to remove null or erroneous data based upon conditional statements.

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