Drillhole Management

Drillhole Management

Drillhole Management

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Import and Export large drillhole datasets

Utilise Drillhole Data

Model with or against your drillhole data

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Review in-site petrophysical data

GeoModeller supports the standard Collar, Survey, Geology format for both import and export of lithological, numerical and structural data. Geochemical assays may be used as an input for point cloud meshes to interpolate grade shells using GeoModeller’s resource estimation toolkit. Drillhole data cross validates dynamically against the computed implicit 3D geological model to highlight inconsistencies and guide daily improvement of your understanding of the geology. The geological information is honoured through coKriging inequality constraints.

Common Applications/Task

Use as input to resource estimation or inversion workflows Ore body daily monitoring

Ore body daily monitoring

Tactical Exploration Phase

Relevant Industries

Oil & Gas


Geological Surveys