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17 Oct 2021
82nd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition

Intrepid Geophysics held presentations as part of the technical workshop on the 82nd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition. Desmond FitzGerald...

06 Oct 2021
AGU & SEG Technical Workshop 2021

A great session of the recent Near-Surface Imaging with Full Waveform Inversion of AGU-SEG workshop. Managing Director and Principal owner...

29 Sep 2021
IMAGE 2021 Technical Session

3D fault network derived from gravity: Australia and Algeria, Desmond FitzGerald*, Intrepid Geophysics

24 Aug 2021
EAGE 2021 – First EAGE Workshop on Faults in Groundwater, CO2 and Hydrocarbons in Asia Pacific

Faults can act as barriers and arqitap slowing down groundwater flow, they can be a conduit speeding up groundwater flow,...

30 Sep 2021

​Intrepid Geophysics presented four talks at the recent SEG-AAPG IMAGE workshop. Managing Director and Principal owner of Intrepid Geophysics, Des FitzGerald...

02 Oct 2020
ASEG Webinar

Rod Paterson speaks about the application of 2.5D AEM in Resource Exploration as part of the ASEG Webinar Series.

11 Oct 2020
SEG 2020

Meet Intrepid at the SEG 2020 Annual Meeting in Houston.

08 Jun 2020
EAGE 2020

Meet Intrepid at EAGE 2020 Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam.

29 Apr 2020

Meet Intrepid at SAGEEP 2020 in Denver. The following papers will be presented by Des Fitzgerald: on the EM I...

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