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In the gmtaskmodel.proto file, found at $GEOMODINSTALL/examples/API, the last message being defined is called GeomodellerTask.

The GeomodellerTask message is a container for all other messages defined in the gmtaskmodel.proto file with the _GM suffix.

All _GM messages are included in the GeomodellerTask  as optional repeated fields. It is then possible to include as many _GM messages in a GeomodellerTask  message as required.

Note, however, that some specific chain of instructions are better handled by writing them into their own GeomodellerTask  message rather than in a global one.

All parameters for the inversion are contained with a .task file. which uses Google protobuf language to manage the inversion processes in Geomodeller.

Task files are ACII files which may be written and edited using a text editor. They are executed from command prompt by passing them to the invbatch.exe file found in the bin subdirectory of the GeoModeller install directory.

The standard syntax to run an inversion is as follows:

The GeoModellerTask message is a container for all other GeoModeller API messages.

It is recommended to encapsulate evere GeoModeller API message in its own GeoModellerTask message.

To do so, you have to create a wrapper for repeated GeoModellerTask messages in a .proto file of your own:

syntax = "proto2";
import "gmtaskmodel.proto";
package wrapper;

message WrapperForGeoTasks {
optional string name = 1;    
optional string description = 2;    
repeated gmtaskmodel.GeomodellerTask GeomodellerTask = 3; }