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 You can now make SECURE Online payments to Intrepid Geophysics (such as lease/rental, license, training session and maintenance fees) via our Paymate Express Online Payments Facility.

Instructions for Use

Click on the 'Paymate Express Payment' icon.

  • A new Paymate Express Payment window will open with Intrepid Geophysics listed top of the page

 Complete all required fields with the following steps
 Step 1

  • Order/Item - please enter Invoice number
  • Select Country - options listed
  • Copy the capital letters and number into the text box

 Step 2

  • Enter Card Holder Details requested - Name, Address, etc

 Step 3

  • Enter Payment Details requested - Amount in AUD, card type, card number etc.
  • Submit Payment - 'Make Payment'
  • Yes to Payment
  • Wait 30 seconds for payment to be submitted

Pay Mate

Click here to make an Online Payment using Paymate Express

Intrepid Geophysics provides a fully enabled, one month trial free of charge for new users.

To request such a license:

  1. Download and install the software following the instructions at
  2. Run the software, you will immediately be prompted to install or request a license by the License Manager.
  3. Click Email License Request and fill in your details.
  4. Click Send Email... Your default email client will pop up for you to send the email, you may add any additional details you see fit.
  5. Support will contact you within 24h to issue the license.
  6. Copy the license key in the Enter License Key field (see above).