Full Tensor Gravity and Falcon Products


FTG and Falcon Products

TrendQ Gridding and Optimisations

Falcon and FTG data can be used in our specialized methods.

Advanced Processing and Filtering

Access the interpretations that high-order derivatives and other products provide.

Layer Stripping and Geology Interpretation

Interpretation methods, for avoiding interference from shallow geology, are now available to tensor data types, not just scalar.

Intrepid Geophysics and our consultants provide data processing services and valuable additions to interpretations for Falcon and FTG data.

Falcon and FTG data can be used as inputs into specialized workflows like TrendQ, High-order derivatives and Layer-Stripping; highlighting deeper intervals without interference from shallow geology.

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Example of (left) client supplied Falcon grid and (right) Intrepid Geophysics’ Falcon grid