GDPR – Holding Statement


This statement covers the information we collect about you, how it is used and how you can access and control it.

What information we may collect about you:

When you use Intrepid or GeoModeller software the following information is normally collected:

We collect information about you when:

When you request a download of data held in repository on one of our client’s (3rd party) servers which hosts a JetStream portal, the following information may be collected by the 3rd party server:

How we use the information we collect

How we use the information we collect depends on whether you are an existing or prospective software customer or service client.


Existing software customers can expect to be notified to receive a copy of their electronic licence key, to receive information about new software releases and how to download them, about any changes in their licensing, about their maintenance contract, when receiving technical support, about invoicing and other communications common to digital commerce.


Information on how software customers use Intrepid and GeoModeller modules (which modules and the frequency of use) helps us to guide future development priorities for our software, and to ensure the user experience can be continually improved over time.


Existing service clients can expect to be notified about their current project status by our service team, such as with data queries, preliminary reports, final reports and invoices. Follow-up service or communication is normal for our existing service customers to ensure satisfactory delivery of results.


Prospective software customers may be notified about Intrepid Geophysics’ software suites (Intrepid, GeoModeller and JetStream), upcoming new features, special pricing offers, conference exhibits and training opportunities.
Prospective service clients may be notified about our list of services, quotes, scheduling, conference exhibit opportunities, or commercial negotiations.

How we share information

Intrepid Geophysics does not share any identifiable client information with third parties unless explicit permission by the customer/client has been given to do so. An example of when this may occur is for a customer testimonial statement used for marketing purposed on our website.
Intrepid Geophysics does not share client details with third parties without express permission.

How we store and secure information

Customer contact details, and details pertaining to customer software licence keys, are held on the company’s secure service in the company’s head office in Brighton, Melbourne, Australia. Service client contact details and any project data supplied, are likewise stored on the same secure server.
When working off-site, Intrepid Geophysics’ employees use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which allow authorised staff to securely access the Intrepid Geophysics private network and share data remotely through public networks.
The Intrepid Geophysics private network, and customer data which resides on it, is protected by firewalls.
Guests to the Intrepid Geophysics office spare have limited WiFi access as part of its secure set-up.

How to access and control your information

You have the right to request a copy of, updates to, or deletion of, information about you held by Intrepid Geophysics.
All requests, including to delete your customer details from our server, can be made at any time by either sending us an email request to: or by phoning your instructions to: +61 3 9593 1077.