Geothermal Modelling


Geothermal Modelling

Build and Revise 3D Geology Models

Easily digitise and geo-reference existing contacts, sections and geology maps.
Routinely revise and recompute the model with incoming drill-hole data.

Model from Geothermal Inputs

Utilise input of Thermal Conductivity and Heat Production Rate to inform modelling.

Forward Modelling of Heat Flow

Produce forward models of 3D Temperature distributions from your Geology Models.

GeoModeller provides an enhanced Geothermal Modelling tool kit and rapid calculation of 3D temperature, heat flow and geothermal gradients directly from a 3D geology model which can easily be examined, refined with boundary conditions and recomputed. The solver in GeoModeller accounts for heat transfer processes of conduction, heat production and advection and solves for steady state 3D temperature while accounting for spatially variable thermal conductivity.


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