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Government Software Solutions

The unique needs of geological surveys and geoscience government agencies in terms of data servicing/management, large compilations of regional studies are one of the main focus of the development of the GeoModeller, Intrepid and JetStream software solutions. Explore our custom offer.

Intrepid Gridding workflow

Intrepid provides an industry recognized complete workflow for grid production from the raw line data to the grid deliverables. Intrepid offers tools for scalar, gradient and tensor data gridding and guarantees the physical integrity of the output regardless of the complexity of the signal. Our integrated API enables repetitive gridding jobs to be processed automatically and let experts focus on QA/QC.

Intrepid Gridmerge

Intrepid Gridmerge is the leading edge technology for multi-scale seamless grid merging. Gridmerge handles any number of grids regardless of data complexity, shape, source projection or quality variability. The output grid always holds the whole information content that is provided by each of its source grids, preserving detail or outline where most relevant.


JetStream provides fast, secure web delivery of all spatial vector and raster (grid) datasets, relational databases, and maps or reports. The JetStream webapp allows the user to choose subsets of data, extract and compress – through a GIS interface, with no loss of precision. Operations such as gridding and re-projection can also be performed on-the-fly.

GeoModeller 3D geological implicit modelling

GeoModeller uses a geostatistical vector field interpolator to build the 3D interfaces and fault network using structural data, sections, drillholes and geophysics as inputs. The CoKriging interpolator allows the user to define formation-specific anisotropy settings to better represent geological structures even with sparse and scarce data.

GeoModeller Grav/Mag geophysical integration

Use our geologically integrated joint Grav/Mag stochastic inversion algorithm. Honor geological, geophysical and petrophysical observations to discover more, tackle risk and propose alternative interpretations

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