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Gravity Processing

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tectonic-plate-collision-earthquake-movement Isostatic Correction

Calculate Airy isostatic regional to produce Depth to the Moho and gravity correction grid.

Gravity field reduction

Remove components from observed gravity data to identify anomalies and changes in density.

13-curve-charts-mathematics-analytics-statistics-finance Complete Bouguer anomaly correction

A complete correction that includes Bouguer slab, Earth curvature and terrain correction.

Intrepid Gravity supports the correction and calculation of gravity anomalies for land, marine and airborne data. The software includes corrections for data reduction and network adjustment, terrain and simple Bouguer as well as an Isostatic correction, based upon the USGS Fortran program Airyroot, which enables the creation of an isostatically corrected Bouguer Gravity grid.

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