Grid Merge

Grid Merge

Grid Merge Overview


Merge multiple grids of varying cell size into a single grid.


User-specified prioritisation of grids, based on quality.


Automatically collect grid boundaries, apply DC offsets or scaling.

Typically, gridded datasets of a region will vary in quality and resolution from one survey to another due to external limitations such as technology or funding. GridMerge allows the user to prioritise grids of higher quality to overlay lower resolution or lower quality grids. GridMerge will then add grids to a complex merged grid following the application of DC Shift, and surface adjustments.

Common Applications/Task

View TMI, Gravity or Airborne EM line or gridded data with LUT and sun-angle configurations.

Make quick selections between linked views/windows

Produce visualisations of tensors or complex datasets.

Relevant Industries


Geophysical Surveys