Gridding Operations


Intrepid Gridding Operations

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Grid Resampling

Resample grids with new cell-sizes and origin.

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Grid Extraction to line/grid

Extract multiband grids to single grids, or extract grid data to line data.

Horizontal Gradients to TMI

Transform horizontal magnetic gradients to TMI.

The Gridding Operations tool enables you to perform a range of operations on gridded data, such as resampling to change cell size/origin, grid rotation, decimation, detrending, extracting data to line or extracting a multiband to single grid.

Transform Horizontal Gradient Grids to TMI is a specialised gridding operation offered in Intrepid, With it, a vertical gradient of the magnetics can be found from two horizontal gradients using the Laplacian Equation and the TMI can be created, with the benefit of not suffering from time-variations.


Common Applications/Tasks

Grid Resampling

Relevant Industries


Geophysical Surveys