Intrepid Gridding

Grid scalar or tensor data

Gridding tool supports the gridding of scalar and tensor line/point data

Create a single, combined grid.

Create grids from multiple datasets/fields


Refine grids for Visualisation and Interpretation

Smooth grids for visualisation or for processing in Intrepid applications.

Create regular grids from point or line datasets using Intrepid Gridding. Our Gridding tool can use a range of methods such as Nearest Neighbour, Bi-Cubic Spline and Trend Spline a to grid scalar data, and a Spherical Linear Interpolation Method (SLERP) to grid tensor data. Our tool supports the creation of grids from any size dataset, or from multiple datasets, only limited by hardware. The final gridded data can be refined further using Laplacian smoothing or Minimum Curvature methods.

Common Applications/Tasks

Create grids from large line datasets.

Create multiband grids

Create a single grid from multiple datasets.

Relevant Industries


Geological Surveys