Case History for GeoModeller to TOUGH2

Case History: Integrating structural geological data into the inverse modelling framework of iTOUGH2

Authors: Florian Wellmann, Stefan Finsterle, Adrian Croucher, 2014

North Perth Basin Heat Flow Modelling

Description of the project

Aiming to achieve an accurate steady state, 3D conductive heat flow model of the north Perth Basin, we first built a well-constrained 3D geology model and compiled best-available thermal conductivity and heat production rate data. A finite difference code implemented in the same software (GeoModeller) enabled computation of 3D temperatures, heat flows, and geothermal gradients directly from the geology model.

As well as direct visualization of the resulting 3D grids, we derived 2D grids including: i) temperature-maps of chosen depth horizons; ii) depth-maps of chosen isotherm surfaces; iii) a surface heat flow grid (draped to fit topography); and iv) vertical and horizontal temperature gradient-maps for chosen depth slices.

This study has implications for geothermal energy exploration in Western Australia where the search for Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) or direct-use heat plays begins with identification of anomalously high heat occurrences at accessibly shallow depths.

See WA DMP Record 2011/6 for the full report

Authors: Helen Gibson, Ray Seikel and Desmond FitzGerald Intrepid Geophysics; Mike Middleton and Ameed Ghori, Department of Mines and Petroleum Western Australia

Or short article Heat flow and thermal gradient modeling of the north Perth Basin