Our Products


Intrepid is a world-leading suite of modules for complete potential field geophysics data enhancements. Intrepid provides a complete set of tools for QC, processing, gridding and interpretation of ground, airborne and marine - gravity, magnetic and radiometric data, including full tensor gradiometry data, both FTG and Falcon



'Sea-g' a new App powered by INTREPID - Exclusive to Micro g-LaCoste meters: MGS-6 and AirSea II Revolutionising Data Reduction and QC in marine gravity acquisition, during and post-cruise


GeoModeller Software 

Geophysical 3D Model using Intrepid Geophysics GeoModeller Software

Base GeoModeller is a geological model-building package uniquely employing combined contacts and structural data when computing 3D implicit surfaces, and rule-based modelling (e.g., strat pile and fault chronologies are model-constraints). Geophysical modules allow forward computation of gravity and magnetic responses directly from your 3D geology. Includes modules for geothermal, microseismic and geostatistics


 Add-on Inversion Mag/Grav/Full tensors for litho-constrained stochastic geophysical inversion of single or joint data sets direct from your 3D geology


Bureau service for airborne EM Inversion for 1D/2.5D inversion of airborne EM inversion using our new optimised GSVD solver, linking to your 3D geology. Ask us for a quote and see download for details. 



Web delivery and database of geophysical data for extraction or compressionJetStream Software

A custom JetStream software solution provides fast, secure web delivery of all spatial vector and raster (grid) datasets, relational databases, and maps or reports. A JetStream system (set-up as public or in-house) allows the user to choose subsets of data, extract and compress - through a GIS interface, with no loss of precision. Operations such as gridding and re-projection can also be performed on-the-fly