Standard Training Services:
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Either Public or Private in-house options are available Please ask us for more information or a quote

INTREPID courses

  • INTREPID start bundle (import, edit, manage databases, view metadata and statistics, editing, projection conversion, gridding)
  • Tools for QA/QC
  • Introduction to Fourier Transforms
  • Geophysical filtering – 1D, 2D and 3D – theory and practice
  • Terrestrial gravity processing and data reductions, terrain corrections, isostatic reductions
  • Magnetic data processing and interpretation
  • Radiometrics processing
  • Moving gravity platform methods and techniques
  • Interpretation of potential field geophysics (Depth to basement methods; Multi-scale edge detection)
  • Introduction to tensor gradiometry
  • ADVANCED Gridding
  • ADVANCED Terrain corrections in gravity gradiometry
  • ADVANCED Tensor interpretation Tensor Euler
  • ADVANCED Grid merge

GeoModeller courses

  • Introduction to GeoModeller Build a 3D geo-located geology model with fault network (constrained by drilling and surface mapping).

  • Advanced Drillhole and Mesh Management for Resources Exploration Load numerical downhole data to drilling/well logs, perform interpolation, and manage a 3D attributed mesh (use the 3D mesh calculator to mask by geology, or clip mesh to a limited grade). 

  • GeoModeller for Hydrogeology and Geothermal Applications Learn about meshing options for your geology model (triangulated & tetrahedral); practice model-export options; perform a forward 3D insitu temperature calculation by finite difference approximation (accounting for convective heating processes and variable thermal conductivities).

  • Introduction to 2D and 3D Geological and Geophysical Modelling Forward geophysical response calculations (mag/grav) in 2D and 3D,  direct from 3D geology, using rock property tables. 

  • Advanced Geological and Geophysical Modelling Theory and practical instruction (user interface) for performing litho-constrained stochastic geophysical inversion (mag/grav). Learn about the Bayesian approach in GeoModeller for performing inversion (including joint inversion of two independent geophysical data sets). Statistically distill and analyse most probable geology and most probable rock property distributions outcomes in 3D. View and export results. (Includes support for Full tensor grids.)

  • Inversion of airborne EM data in GeoModeller Theory and practical instruction (user interface) for performing 1D and 2.5D EM inversions, using a new optimized GSVD solver, with a 3D geological reference model - all within the GeoModeller environment. 

Combined INTREPID and GeoModeller courses
  • “Geology from geophysics" Integrating data in 3D for best target generation. Combine minimal field geology data with innovative processing of potential fields data (Worming and Depth to basement methods for gravity, magnetics) to constrain and validate realistic 3D geology models - hence access relatively low-cost data and interpretation methods (pre-drilling) to facilitate surprisingly detailed 3D geological and structural interpretations. These workflows will allow you to rapidly geolocation of “targets of interest” or alternatively “ground to relinquish”.


Our Public Training Courses are usually in conjunction with an industry event such as a conference.

If you wish to arrange a Private Training Course (in-house or another location), please see our Conference Calendar to determine when our staff will be in your area. This is a good time to request private training because it reduces travel costs.

Each course has a enrollment form. Please request it from us, complete and return.

Facts about our training courses

  • We provide printed training notes. Generally, you need to bring your own notebook computer.
  • We supply a trial copy of the software for trainees.
  • We supply case study data to use in the courses. You may bring your own data. We'll help you to process your data as long as there is time available in the course.