Airborne and Ground Data Processing


Data processing services include:


Processing of Airborne and Ground Geophysical Surveys

Using Intrepid, we can process ground and airborne geophysical magnetic and gravity survey data. Including all corrections, gridding, filtering and other operationsto provide final data for interpretation.

GeoIntrepid aslo provides quality control (QC) services for a all types of airborne surveys.




Creation of Large Seamless Grids

We have extensive experience in the compilation of large seamless grids from multiple generations of airborne and ground geophysical surveys. Large coherent datasets facilitate interpretation from regional to project scale, and avoid the complexity of having to deal with data from a multitude of different surveys.


Variable Reduction to the Pole

The reduction to the pole of regional compilations of aeromagnetic surveys can be calculated using  a method that incorporates the variable IGRF parameters into the RTP filtering process.  Thereby the definition and shape of anomalies are improved compared to the standard processing using static IGRF parameters.



Full Spectral Processing of Radiometric Data

GeoIntrepid has extensive experience in the processing of radiometric data using the full spectral information contained in each observation.  We apply Spectral Smoothing, Energy Calibration as well as Radon and Aircraft Background Removal to the full spectral data - before undertaking all standard window based processing steps, to greatly improve the final results of your old or new radiometric surveys.