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GeoModeller 4.0 Tutorials

Tutorial Meshing (Four Meshing Workflows in GeoModeller)

GitHub GeoModeller Examples (Beta) - Run Tasks from the Navigator Panel

GitHub GeoModeller Tutorials - direct to the Navigator Panel


GeoModeller 3.3 and 4.0 Tutorials

Tutorial A (A First Geology Modelling Experience)

Tutorial B (Drillholes)

Tutorial C (Forward & Inverse Modelling of Potential Fields)

Tutorial D (Geothermal and Microseismic)

Tutorial E (Airborne EM Forward Modelling and Inversion)


Archived Tutorials

CaseStudyA (Introduction)

CaseStudyB (Antonio's map)

CaseStudyC (Unconformities and intrusives)

CaseStudyE (Forward and inversion modelling of potential field data)

CaseStudyF (Purnama)

CaseStudyG (Drillholes)

CaseStudyJ (Geothermal)

CaseStudyK (Dykes)