Latest Software for download 

Including developer resources and documentation

All customers: Download, install then run the software that you have purchased. Your existing licence key should work immediately. (For renewals or new-customer keys, please email us from within the Licence Manager.)


For Intrepid customers:  

Download now INTREPID v5.6.4 Release for Windows 64 bit (last update 16th August 2018)

For Sea-g / Intrepid customers:

Download now Sea-g v5.6.2 Release for Windows 64 bit (last update 28 February 2017)

NEW maintenance Release available from 14th December 2017 - Customers can please contact requesting access to the MSI installer file

For GeoModeller customers:

Download now GeoModeller 4.0.4 Release for Windows 64 bit (last update 19th Septembre 2018).

Please note: All customers that are using Windows 10 with the April update (build 1803) and also a dongle, will need to update their GeoModeller software to version 4.0.4, due to a known compatibility issue with the Windows update.

Download now GeoModeller 3.3 Release for Windows 64 bit (last update 3 June 2016)


Developer Resources

3D GeoModeller API


Getting started...