Geological Uncertainty Quantified with GeoModeller

From the BRGM, France: Gabriel Courrioux et al. 

"Experience from 3D Cartography training sessions. Implications for uncertainty factors identification"

In this technical poster, Courrioux et. al. display the outcomes of practical analysis of geological uncertainty.

Together with different universities, BRGM is conducting a Master school for Geomodelling in the field. The objective is to reconcile traditional practice of cartography with 3D geological modelling technicques.

Geology field data > GeoModelling > Models comparison > 3D probability visualisation

Data and models from 12 different sessions are analysed, which allows to draw the consequences in terms of uncertainty factors.

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From the University of Aarchen, Germany: Florian Wellmann & Regenauer-Lieb, 2011

A landmark publication on models variability

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Uncertainties have a meaning: Information entropy as a quality measure for 3-D geological models
2011: Tectonophysics
Keywords: information entropy, 3D geological modelling, uncertainty, simulation, fuzziness, visualization
(Wellmann & Regenauer-Lieb)


From the Univeristy of Western Australia, Australia: Mark Lindsay et al., 2013

Multiple models are produced from a single data set that allows an exploration of geological model space

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Making the link between geological and geophysical uncertainty: geodiversity in the Ahanti Greenstone Belt
2013: Geophys. J. Int. 195, 903–922
Keywords: image processing, spatial analysis, gravity anomalies, earth structure, Africa
(Lindsay, Perrouty, Jessell, Aillères)


From Intrepid Geophysics, Australia: Desmond FitzGerald et al., 2018

"Geology Uncertainty Automation using Google Protocol Buffers"

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