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INTREPID is a software package with extensive capabilities in airborne, ground, and marine magnetics and gravity data including radiometrics data processing.

Now also offering comprehensive support for Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) and Falcon data

Premier software for QC, processing, filtering, leveling, gridding, interpreting, visualising and map making.

This is your industry trusted software - delivering results for over 30 years ! 

Product-driven advantage in your business delivery 

INTREPID Features and Capabilities - 

Project Manager

Import, Export, Access, Data Interchange
Import data from binary, ASCII, ASCII database and other industry standard formats
Directly process Geosoft, ERMapper, NetCDF, ESRI Shape and others in their native format
Export data in binary, ASCII, ASCII database formats, and more   
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Convert data between datums and projections(huge range of international datums and projections supported) 
Integrate data that have different datums and projections
Easily define your own local datums and projections
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Visualisation: Display 2D & 3D Explore Linking 2D-3D-Tables-Profiles

Display point and line datasets, and single and multiband grids using grey scale, colour or sun angle, with geographical annotation
Crop, pan and zoom dataset displays
Adjust the colour or shade range of a display by linear or histogram colour stretching
Align and overlay sets of points, lines and polygons from other sources onto grids, and display
View a Grid Dataset (Extra controls in Gear button, Add layers, Remove layers and groups, LUT editor)
View a Table Dataset (Profile view, Map view)
Selections integrated between views
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Create grids from line or point data
Methods: Akima, Nearest Neighbour, Bi-directional cubic spline or Minimum curvature (MINQ)
Gridding Pro add: Gradient enhanced multi-pass, Multi-data set supported, Tensor gradients, Tensor gridding
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Editing data: Profile, Flight Path & Spreadsheet (Point, Line, Grid)

Display statistics and histograms of data including angular (Fisher) statistics
Edit data graphically using profile or flight path editors, or in a spreadsheet environment. Editing facilities include: Search, find and replace
-Use existing fields to create new fields
-Spline interpolation through edited data
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Map composer and Map print
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Data extraction: Transform and manage data

Logical and spatial subsection
Profile extract
Append, merge and resample line, point and grid data
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Line Filtering

Apply spectral, domain (Fast Fourier Transform) and spatial filters to line data

Grid Filtering

Apply spatial convolution and spectral domain (Fast Fourier Transform) filters to gridded data
Grid FFT filters offer:
Horizontal derivative, Vertical derivative, Vertical integration, Hilbert transform, Direction cosine, Pseudo-gravity, Apparent susceptibility, Matched filter, Continuation
Reductions to: Pole, Equator, Any Angle, Low latitute, Variable angle
Tensor Components, Tensor Integration (Tz from Txz  Tyz - Tzz), Cosine roll off, Cosine notch, Analytic signal (Complex, Tilt angle)
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Merge unlimited numbers of grids (world renowned performance)
Uses a weighted least squares approach to merging many grids simultaneously, preventing error propagation
GridMerge Pro: Add capability to micro-level all line data associated with component grids

Grid Operations

Smooth, re-sample, register
Rotate grids
Manage grid bands
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Interpretation: for gravity and magnetics

Interpretation 1-Grids: Euler/Werner/Hybrid (2-pass) extended Euler, MagMage
Interpretation 2-Lines: Improved Naudy for line data
Interpretation 3-3D: Perform Automatic Edge Detection (Worming) on grids and identify high and low lineaments in your data with combined Euler
Perform source-depth estimations for observed anomalies in line or grid data
using Euler/Werner, Naudy, Murthy & Rao, Phillips, Matched Filter methods

Level Airborne Data

Level your data interactively using tie lines or networks (loop closure)
Decorrugate and microlevel your line data

Level Marine Data

Level your data interactively using tie lines or networks (loop closure)
Decorrugate and microlevel your line data
Perform network adjustments

GRAVITY: INTREPID specialises in Gravity Processing

Land based data reduction
Terrain correction, Field data reduction
Earth-tide, Free Air, Bouguer, Datum to Datum
Marine & Airborne processing
De-noising, Auto-decorrelation
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MAGNETICS: Standard and specialised tools

Most standard INTREPID tools can process magnetic survey data: Project Manager, Utilities and Projection, Visualisation, Editing, Gridding, GridMerge, Leveling, Filtering, Interpretation, Map Composition
Specialized Tools in INTREPID for Magnetics are: Geomagnetic reference field, magnetic variograms,
For Acquisition: Fractal magnetisation distribution, Magnetic compensation
For Depth Estimation: Naudy, Clifton depth to mulitple magnetic sources, Geological importance of dykes,
For Interpretation: 'MagMage' (Analyse for coherence), 'WormE' (multi-scale edge dection)
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RADIOMETRICS: Process, Correct, Level and Merge multi-channel data

Special purpose tools: 
Calibration and data processing including methods for radon removal (spectral ratio method)
Correct and extract standard photopeaks from radiometric data using NASVD or MNF
Perform standard 3 radiometric corrections and uranium levelling
Handles 1024 channel spectrometer data through a flexible binning procedure
Handles large datasets (continental scale) - e.g., Australian case studies with Geoscience Australia
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Tensor data processing

In INTREPID Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (AGG) data and Falcon are managed as a tensor signal data type, not just the components
Specialist algorithms for gridding, filtering, leveling, and QC'ing are provided
Support for different tensor data coordinate systems such as ENU and NED
INTREPID provides a comprehensive set of tools for Quality Control (QC)
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Interface with other software and create complex batch tasks

  • Use INTREPID tools directly from Oasis Montaj
  • Access INTREPID technology directly from ArcView, MapInfo, ERMapper or ModelVision
  • Write your own application that accesses INTREPID datasets
  • Record the history of processes performed and convert the logs to batch tasks
  • Create batch jobs with multiple tasks, multiple tools and loops


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INTREPID tools supporting tensor data

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