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Maintainence Release 2017 can now be Downloaded from the main Intrepid Geophysics website under the "Products" dropdown menu.

Testimonial: "The upgraded INTREPID V.5.6.2 is a welcome release.  Its performance is much improved!  I am a happy user, especially for the Depth to Basement interpretation tool, running Murthy and Rao's algorithm.  Thanks a lot for all the effort you have put in".

Katja Hirsch, Potential Fields Specialist, Maersk Oil, 2017.


Highlighted new features:

- 3D Explore now provides greatly improved support for very large datasets, including grids

- 3D Explore's profile view now manages multiband EM dataset profile viewing for both X & Z channels,   along with the map view

- Gridmerge enhancements include upgrading the feather merge to support 64bit integer indexing

- Support for tensor field observations in point, line, 2d grids and 3D voxets is now in place

- Vector component support, especially for magnetic data, has been enhanced

- This release promotes the transition to the GOOGLE protobuf syntax for all processes in INTREPID        (illustrated by many example "Task" files, replacing the older "Job" files)


Bug fixes:

- Over 75 bug fixes

- Issues with large scale corporate file servers, mounted disks etc., have been resolved

- Full Release Notes are in the manuals folder of the INTREPID installation path 


TRAINING and new release workshops 2017 - 2018

An INTREPID V.5.6.2 workshop will be held in Perth on Tuesday the         5th of September.  This workshop will focus on the new and improved     capabilities of our latest release.


A GeoModeller V.4.0 training will be held in Melbourne on Wednesday 15th of November 2017 (with Version 4.0 due for release by September), and again in Orléans, France on Tuesday 20th February 2018.  This training will present the new workflows for meshing capability with CGAL libraries and revisit some of the fundamental capabilities of rapid building of an implicit 3D geology model including thin bodies and fault networks.


We welcome you to find more details about these upcoming events on our website under the "Training Services" dropdown menu.


Blog Stories are rolling out!                                

We hope you are enjoying our industry-focused success stories, available through social media and via our website under the "Our Company" dropdown menu.

- Pre-competitive targeting of mineral systems: the role of geological surveys (a giant Cu-Au porphyry in eastern Australia?)

- Unique technology and software come together in Kazakhstan: international collaboration on airborne EM


Next scheduled stories:

- Software for research and education - complete pathways for industry-application in exploration, groundwater, infrastructure, and geothermal.  Hear what the universities are saying.


- New and unique: software wizard 'Sea-g' powered by INTREPID, now selling and providing rapid data reduction and QC workflows to Free Air maps for marine gravity (exclusively supporting MGS-6 and Air Sea-II meters for on-cruise and post-cruise locations)


Geophysical Data Base Download LINKS

In a new initiative we are maintaining a handy list of URLs for sites worldwide which offer (mostly free) downloads of geophysical data including: Magnetics, Gravity, Radiometrics, Digital Elevation Models and Bathymetry.

Formats retrievable from these sites will mostly be immediately ready for INTREPID and GeoModeller software upload.  Your feedback or recommended additions to this list are welcomed.


Remember this image?

Australian Radiometrics Data Packs are available for purchase commencing 1st August 2017


Many of the gaps in data availability have now been filled.

Intrepid Geophysics has re-processed selected open source radiometric surveys that were acquired between December 2010 and February 2015.  These data have been back-calibrated to be consistent with the Geoscience Australia Radiometric Grid 2015.


From August 1st 2017, Intrepid Geophysics will release located data grids and point cloud databases prcoessed from updates to the raw data at typical resolution <100m + up to six cluster families, as done in collaboration with Brian Minty. Please contact Konrad Taylor for survey information and pricing:



Best regards from the team at Intrepid Geophysics, and thank you for reading!


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