Intrepid Guided Tours

INTREPID Guided Tours - selected materials


Locating datasets, viewing statistics, launching tools

Managing INTREPID datasets

Importing data to INTREPID

Exporting data from INTREPID

Datum and Projection Utility

Support Datums and Projections

2D Visualisation tool

3D Explore Visualisation: Linking 2D-3D-Tables-Profiles

Creating grids

Introduction to the Spreadsheet Editor

Editing with the Spreadsheet Editor

Removing noise and spikes with the Profile Editor

Editing with the Flight Path Editor

Map Composition

Line filtering

Spectral domain (FFT) grid filters

Grid merging

Grid Operations

Levelling - removing the GRF component

Levelling - tie line levelling

Levelling - decorrugation and microlevelling

Magnetic Interpretation (MagMage)

Naudy Automatic Model Interpretation

Radiometrics processing

INTREPID Batch Processing