Intrepid Geophysics software products are available as:

  • Single user perpetual licences (either node-locked / host-ID, or Dongle-ID for portable use)
  • Corporate, multi-user site licence agreements
  • Licences for installation on High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities

Clients can rent our Software for a minimum of one month. Terms and conditions on application.

Intrepid software bundles

The Starter Bundle includes the following tools – Import/Export, File Manager, Projection conversion, Datum to datum, Visualisation (including 3DExplore), Gridding, Editing, Map Composition, Data Extraction, Line filter, Grid filter FFT, Grid operations and Grid gradient.

Separate advanced tools that may be bundled include: Grid Merge, Interpretation (Grids, Lines or 3D) and Leveling (Airborne, Grid-based or Marine), Radiometrics, Gravity, Gridding Pro, Gridmerge Pro, Levelling Pro, Gravity Pro.   

See All Modules List     Contact us for more details or a quote

GeoModeller – software modules

There are 2 add-on modules to the Base GeoModeller software suite:

  1. Base GeoModeller - Geology model building with gravity and magnetic forward modelling
  2. ADD-ON GeoModeller Inversion (gravity, magnetic and thermal)
  3. ADD-ON CGAL Libraries - for building meshes of surfaces and volumes by triangular and tetrahedral elements
  4. EM Inversion is available as a bureau service.  Contact us for further details

See All Modules List     Contact us for more details or a quote

Academic licences

Ask us for an academic quote for a single licence or teaching set

Academic discounts are available to departments of universities and colleges whose primary purpose is research or classroom education. Government organisations and independent research institutions generally do not qualify for the academic discount.

Clients who DO qualify for the academic discount typically belong to an academic department of a university or college where the:

  • department's primary purpose is classroom education, and research
  • department offers formal courses under its own name
  • department offers undergraduate major(s) and/or graduate degree(s)
  • department has appointed faculty members

Among those who typically DO NOT qualify are:

  • Museums, geological survey organisations, bureau of mines departments
  • Not for profit or tax exempt government organisations and government research institutions
  • Agencies or institutes that employ students and offer ancillary services or consulting

Contact Us for further clarification