Brockman Four iron ore model

Download a 3D-PDF Geology model of Brockman Four built with GeoModeller

The Brockman Four Iron Ore 3D geology model was created using publicly available open file data. 

Brockman Four is located in the Hamersley Province of NW Australia. Comprising early Paleoproterozoic sequences of interbedded carbonates, iron-formation and volcanics, Brockman Four is an open, upright syncline with an axial plane trending approximately east-west. Primary stratigraphic layering is well preserved in the banded iron formation and these are cross-cut by significant structuring trending NNW to SSE.

Model built ! - Ready to start interpretation of TMI (and gravity) data in the GeoModeller workspace. Next proceed to forward 2.5D, forward 3D, including rock property optimisations (with remanence). Litho-constrained, stochastic geophysical inversion is next, to deliver quantitative analysis of most probable geology-geometry with uncertainty constraints. GeoModeller will take you right through to volumetric analysis of your resource. See a video.

Bendigo Goldfields

Description of the project

3D geology modelling can assist explorers and producers of reef-gold deposits. This industry experiences challenges relating to the nuggety nature of gold mineralisation, and to the fault-disruptured nature of auriferous reefs.
Predicting continuity of mineralised quartz veins and fault networks away from mapped and sampled zones is now more rigorous using GeoModeller which offers highly appropriate interpolators for predicting 3D surfaces. Interpolation in GeoModeller is based on potential field theory, and combines anisotropic kriging for better representing reality when it comes to interpolating thin and irregular, curvilinear bodies such as quartz veins and dykes.

Example based on a Bendigo Goldfields Mine Model