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A 3D geological model of a structurally complex Alpine region as a basis for interdisciplinary research

Thornton, J.M. et al. A 3D geological model of a structurally complex Alpine
region as a basis for interdisciplinary research. Sci. Data. 5:180238 doi: 10.1038/sdata.2018.238 (2018).

A three-dimensional model of the Pyrenees and their foreland basins from geological and gravimetric data
2018: Tectonophysics: The International Journal of Integrated Solid Earth Sciences.  22nd April 2018.  Page 734-735.
Keywords: Pyrenees, crustal structure, foreland basins, bouguer anomalies, 3D modelling.
(Wehr, Chevrot, Courrioux, Guillen)

3D Geological modelling and gravity inversion of a structurally complex carbonate area: application for karstified massif location
2018: Basin Research, 1-17, doi: 10.1111/bre.12279
Keywords: Karst, Gravity inversion, 3D geology, Implicit modelling, densities.
(Husson, Guillen, Seranne, Courrioux, Coueffe)

High Accuracy 2.5D AEM Inversion Method for Banded Iron-Formation (BIF) and Other Geological Settings
2017: Extended Abstracts - 15th SAGA Biennial Conference & Exhibition 2017, Cape Town, South Africa
Keywords: AEM, Inversion, banded iron-formation
(Paterson, Silic, FitzGerald, Jakica)

Updates on regional studies integrating airborne EM, airborne gammay ray, geology and collating borehole logs in Lake Frome
2017: AusIMM Uranium Conference, Adelaide
Keywords: Redox, Uranium, airborne EM, Gamma Ray, Lake Frome
(FitzGerald, Hore, Minty) PowerPoint

Improved Structural Mapping and Conductive Targeting Delivered by a new 2.5D AEM Inversion Solver
2016: Proceedings of the ASEG-PESA-AIG Conference 2016 Adelaide
Keywords: inversion, electromagnetic, geology, mapping, drilling
(Paterson, Silic, FitzGerald)

Optimising Surface Mapping of Elongated Geological Features from Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry
2016: Proceedings of the EAGE Vienna - Gravity Gradiometry Workshop
Keywords: full tensor gradiometry, DTM, Eigenvalue, clustering, Nevada
(FitzGerald, Holstein, Gibson)

3D Geological modeling of the Kasserine Aquifer System, Central Tunisia: New insights into aquifer-geometry and interconnections for a better assessment of groundwater resources
2016: Journal of Hydrology 539 (2016) 223–236
Keywords: 3D geological modeling, GeoModeller, Kasserine, north-east Algeria, aquifers, interconnection
(Hassen, Gibson, Hamzaoui-Azaza, Negro, Rachid, Bouhlila)

A new 3D geological model and interpretation of structural evolution of the world-class Rio Tinto VMS deposit, Iberian Pyrite Belt (Spain)
2015: Ore Geology Reviews 71 (2015) 457-476
Keywords: Rio Tinto deposit, 3D modeling, Transtensional tectonics, Pull-apart basin, VMS, Stockwork, Variscan Orogeny
(Martin-Izard, Arias, Gumiel, Sanderson, Castanon, Lavandeira & Sanchez)

Generation of 3D spatially variable anisotropy for groundwater flow simulations

2015: Groundwater (Wiley, US) DOI: 10.1111/gwat.12295
Keywords: hydraulic properties, bedding planes, anisotropy, modelling
(Borghi, Renard, Courrioux)

KARSYS hydrogeological 3D modeling of alpine karst aquifers developed in geologically complex areas: Picos de Europa National Park (Spain)
2015: Thematic Issue, Environ Earth Sci DOI: 10.1007/s12665-015-4712-0
Keywords: cave, karst, conceptual model, 3D
(Ballesteros, Malard, Jeannin, Jimenez-Sanchez, Garcıa-Sansegundo, Melendez-Asensio, Sendra)

Constraints on interpreting magnetic spectral depths
2015: Proceedings ASEG-PESA, Perth
Keywords: Interpretation, magnetic depths, basalts

Magnetic Compensation of Survey Aircraft; a poor man's approach and some re-imagination
2015: SBGf 14th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society
Keywords: Magnetic Compensation, Leliak method
(FitzGerald, Perrin)

Comparing 1D and 2.5D AEM inversions in 3D geological mapping using a new adaptive inversion solver
2015: SBGf 14th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society
Keywords: 3D geological model, EM, Bryah Basin
(Silic, Paterson, FitzGerald, Archer)

First 3D modelling of the sub-surface of east-central Namibia using combined geophysics with distal geological data 
2015: 14th SAGA Biennial Technical Meeting and Exhibition
Keywords: 3D Geological Model, Damara Belt, geophysics, magnetics 
(Burney, Gibson, Mubita, Titus)

Reconciling high resolution airborne gravity gradiometry surveys with 3D mine geology models: Sensitivity testing and new approaches ready for greenfields exploration
2015: SEG GEM Chengdu 2015
Keywords: AGG, full tensors, data integration, 3D modelling 
(FitzGerald, Gibson, Zengerer)

Developments in airborne gamma-ray spectrometry to aid the search for strategic minerals
2015: KEGS Symposium
Keywords: radioelement anomalies, corrections, carbonitite-hosted mineralization
(FitzGerald, Minty)

Demonstration of New Geophysical Methods for Geothermal Exploration - the Technology explained
2015: WGC, Melbourne
Keywords: ZTEM, FTG, Magnetics, geothermal exploration, 3D subsurface geology, geological ambiguity
(Gibson, Delwiche, FitzGerald, Wieberg, Mims, Berardelli)

The 3D inversion of airborne gamma-ray spectrometric data
2015: ASEG-PESA International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition - Perth
Keywords: radioelement anomalies, noise reduction, 3D inversion
(Brian Minty, Ross Brodie)

Left or Right handed potential data ?
2015: First break volume 33, April 2015
Keywords: EM, potential field geophysics theory, vectors,. potential fields components
(Holstein, FitzGerald, Zengerer, Starr)

Use of Geostatistically-constrained Potential Field Inversion and Downhole Drilling to Predict Distribution of Sulfide and Uranium Mineralisation
2014: AusIMM 9th International Mining Geology Conference / Adelaide
Keywords: 3D geophysical inversion, inferred resource, Basil Cu/ Co deposit, Blackbush U deposit 

Non-seismic Geophysical Modelling Methods For realistic Characterisation of 3D Geology in Greenfields Exploration: A Case Study From the Southern Carnarvon Basin, Australia
2014: Proceedings, Indonesian Petroleum Association 38th annual Convention & Exhibition
Keywords: 3D geology, airborne Mag/Grav, Multi-scale Edge detection, Spectral Depth determination, Murthy and Rao, Litho-constrained Stochasic Inversion.
(Gibson, Burney, FitzGerald, Zengerer)

Practical demonstration of deriving structural foliations from gravity gradient data for 2D faults
2014: SEG Annual Meetinng Post-convention, Denver. Gravity gradiometry in Exploration Workflow
Keywords: Faults, gravity gradiometery data, clustering, Eigen Systems
(FitzGerald & Holstein)

Imaging the SEAM I Base of Salt With Gravity Gradiometry Data
2014: Proceedings of the SEG SEAM Workshops Presentations GMRC December, 2013
Keywords: Gulf of Mexico, base of salt, gravity gradiometery data, inversion algorithms
(Hatch & Walraven)

Inversion of Gravity Gradiometry for a basin fault network in an oil application in Brazil, using 3D “worming”
2013: SBGf Brazil conference
Keywords: Inversion of Gravity gradiometry, 3D worming, Aurizonia Brazil

(Desmond FitzGerald)

Kinematics of the Demon Fault: Implications for Mesozoic strike-slip faulting in eastern Australia
2013: AJES Vol 60, 2
Keywords: aeromagnetic gridded data, strike-slip faults, transpression, Mesozoic basins
(Babaahmadi, Rosenbaum)

Making the link between geological and geophysical uncertainty: geodiversity in the Ahanti Greenstone Belt
2013: Geophys. J. Int. 195, 903–922
Keywords: image processing, spatial analysis, gravity anomalies, earth structure, Africa
(Lindsay, Perrouty, Jessell, Aillères)

Mapping flood related hazards in KARST using KARSYS approach. Application to the Beuchire-Creugenat Karst System (JU, Switzerland)
2013: 13th Sinkhole Conference
Keywords: flood, karst, 3D, hydraulic gradient, KARSYS, Switzerland
(Vouillamoz, Malard, Schwab Rouge, Weber, Jeannin)

Getting the best value from gravity gradiometry
2013: SEG Annual Meeting, Houston
Keywords: tensor, gravity, terrain-correction, integration, gridding 
(FitzGerald & Paterson)

Defining a deep fault network for Australia, using 3D "worming" 
2013: SEG Annual Meeting, Houston
Keywords: continental, worms, faults, 3D, gravity, tensor
(FitzGerald & Milligan)

3D modelling of geology and gravity data: Summary workflows for minerals exploration
2013: East Asia: Geology, Exploration Technologies and Mines - Bali
Keywords: GeoModeller, geophysical inversion, multi-scale edge detection, excess density
(Gibson, Sumpton, FitzGerald & Seikel)

Interpolating assays and physical properties in folded and fault layered geology
2013: East Asia: Geology, Exploration Technologies and Mines - Bali
Keywords: GeoModeller, interpolation, domain kriging

New methods for quantifying geology and geological engineering risk in large scale deep tunneling, both in design and in the build phase
2011: 14th Australasian Tunneling Conference 2011
Keywords: tunneling, geological model
(FitzGerald, Courrioux)

Uncertainties have a meaning: Information entropy as a quality measure for 3-D geological models
2011: Tectonophysics
Keywords: information entropy, 3D geological modelling, uncertainty, simulation, fuzziness, visualization
(Wellmann & Regenauer-Lieb)

Multi-disciplinary prospection approach for EGS reservoirs in the German Variscian basement
2011: Proceedings 36th Workshop in Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
Keywords: geothermal, geology, modelling
(Schill, Kohl, Geiermann, Baujard, Koch, Deckert, Munoz & Abdelfettah)

3D geology, temperature, heat flow and thermal gradient modeling of the north Perth basin, Western Australia
2011: 81st SEG Annual Meeting, San Antonio
Keywords: geothermal, geology, modelling
(Gibson, Seikel, FitzGerald, Middleton & Ghori)

Geothermal exploration using gravity gradiometry - a Salton Sea Example
2011: GRC Annual Meeting
Keywords: geothermal, geophysics, gravity gradiometry, exploration, Salton Sea, EGS
(Kohrn, Bonet, DiFrancesco & Gibson)

Compensation of the full magnetic tensor gradient signal
2010: Proceedings ASEG, Sydney
Keywords: Euler angles, Inertial navigation system, tensor gradients, quaternions
(Argast, FitzGerald, Holstein, Stolz & Chwala)

Towards incorporating uncertainty of structural data in 3D geological inversion
2010: Tectonophysics 
Keywords: inversion,potential field method,3dgeology
(Wellmann, Horowitz, Schill & Regenauer-Lieb)

3-D modelling of Alpine Mohos in Southwestern Alps
2010: Geophysical Journal International 
Keywords: inversion,gravity modelling,3dgeology
(Schreiber, Lardeaux, Martelet, Courrioux & Guillen)

Geophysical Inversion on Aneka Enterprise Clouds
2010:  Intrepid Geophysics Info Release
Keywords: inversion
(Sharif, Karunamoorthy, Chu, Sukumar & Buyya)

Geophysical studies of Australia's remote eastern deepwater frontier: Results from the Capel and Faust basins
2009: Proceedings ASEG, Adelaide
Keywords: marine geophysics, frontier basins, sediment thickness, 3D gravity modelling
(Hackney, Petkovic, Hashimoto, Higgins, Logan, Bernardel, Colwell, Rollet & Morse)

Further developments with full tensor gradimetry datasets
2009: Proceedings ASEG, Adelaide
Keywords: potential fields,processing methods,tensors
(FitzGerald, Argast & Tracey)

An extension of the closed-form solution for the gravity curvature (Bullard B) correction in the marine and airborne cases
2009: Proceedings ASEG, Adelaide
Keywords: gravity modelling
(Argast, Bacchin & Tracey)

Further developments with full tensor gradiometry datasets
2009: Proceedings ASEG, Adelaide
Keywords: full tensors,gravity modelling,potential field method
(FitzGerald, Argast & Holstein) 

Establishing hot rock exploration models: From synthetic thermal modelling to the Cooper basin 3D geological map
2009: AGC
Keywords: thermal, geology, modelling
(Argast, Bacchin & Tracey)

Delineate 3D Iron Ore Geology and Resource models using the potential field method
2009: Submitted to the Iron Ore Conference, Perth
Keywords: gravity modelling, potential field method, 3dgeology
(FitzGerald, Chiles & Guillen)

Regional 3D modelling or iron ore exploration targets
2009: Orebody Modelling and Strategic Planning, Perth
Keywords: geology, modelling, 3D, iron ore
(Osterholt, Herod & Arvidson)

Using a 3D geological mapping framework to integrate AEM, gravity and magnetic modelling - San Nicholas case history
2009: Proceedings ASEG, Adelaide
Keywords: inversion, gravity modelling, magnetism modelling, 3dgeology,ASEG
(Lane, McInerney & Seikel)

Forward prediction of spatial temperature variation from 3D geology 
2009: Proceedings ASEG, Adelaide
Keywords: geothermal, 3dgeology, ASEG
(Seikel, Stuwe, Gibson, Bendall, McAllister, Reid & Budd)

The Cooper Basin 3D geological model: a test-bed for thermal modelling
2008: Presented at the AGEG-IG Geothermal Workshop November 2008
Keywords: geothermal, 3dgeology
(Meixner & Holgate)

Geological modelling from field data and geological knowledge Part II. Modelling validation using gravity and magnetic data inversion
2008: Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 
Keywords: inversion, gravity modelling, magnetism modelling, potential field method, 3dgeology
(Guillen, Calcagno, Courrioux, Joly & Pedru)

Application of Stochastic Exploration of Alternate 3D Geological Models guided by Potential Fields Data to Quantify Uncertainty in 3D Geology Models
2007: Proceedings Exploration '07 
Keywords: gravity modelling, 3dgeology
(McInerney, Lane, Seikel, Guillen & FitzGerald)

Using airborne gravity data to better define the 3D limestone distribution at the Bwata Gas Field, Papua New Guinea
2007: Proceedings ASEG, Perth
Keywords: gravity modelling, 3dgeology
(McInerney, Goldberg & Holland)

Lithologically constrained inversion of magnetic and gravity data sets
2007: Preview for ASEG 
Keywords: inversion,gravity modelling,magnetism modelling,3dgeology
(Lane, FitzGerald, Guillen, Seikel & McInerney)

3D geological mapping and potential field modelling of west Arnhem Land, northern Territory
2007: Proceedings ASEG, Perth
Keywords: gravity modelling, magnetism modelling, 3dgeology
(Lane, Beckitt & Duffett)

Innovative data processing methods for gradient airborne geophysical data sets
2006: The Leading Edge
(Desmond Fitzgerald, Horst Holstein)

Geologically-inspired constraints for a potential field litho-inversion scheme
2006: Proceedings IAMG'05 GIS & Spatial Analysis 
Keywords: inversion, gravity modelling, magnetism modelling, 3dgeology
(Lane & Guillen)

How 3D implicit geometric modelling helps to understand geology: The 3D GeoModeller Methodology
2006: Society for mathematical geology XI th International Congress, University of Liege, Belgium 
Keywords: tunnel project, potential field method, 3dgeology
(Calcagno, Courrioux, Guillen, FitzGerald & McInerney)

Hybrid Euler magnetic basement depth estimation: Integration into 3D geological models
2006: Proceedings AESC, Melbourne 
Keywords: magnetism modelling, 3dgeology, Euler
(Reid, FitzGerald, Milligan & Reed)

Innovative data processing methods for gradient airborne geophysical datasets
2005: Proceedings SAGA Conference 2005 
Keywords: full tensors, gravity modelling
(FitzGerald & Holstein)

Building 3D geological Models directly from the data? A new approach applied to Broken Hill, Australia.
2005: Digital Mapping Techniques 
Keywords: 3dgeology
(McInerney, Guillen, Courioux, Calcagno & Lees)

Creating realistic 3D geology models rapidly, using geophysics to test them
2005: Intrepid Geophysics Info Release
Keywords: inversion, potential field method, 3dgeology
(McInerney, Guillen & Lees)

Integrating Euler solutions into 3D geological models - automated mapping of depth to magnetic basement
2004: SEG Conference Paper
Keywords: 3dgeology, Euler
(FitzGerald, Milligan & Reid)

Modelling the geometry of geological units and its uncertainty in 3D from structural data: The potential-field method
2004: Proceedings Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine Planning 
Keywords: 3dgeology
(Chiles, Aug, Guillen & Lees)

Towards automated mapping of depth to magnetic/gravity basement - examples using new extensions to an old method
2004: Proceedings ASEG, Sydney
Keywords: gravity modelling,magnetism modelling
(Milligan, Reed, Meixner & FitzGerald)

An object oriented approach to gradient & tensor data processing
2004: Intrepid Geophysics Info Release
Keywords: full tensors,gravity modelling

Better geology through better geophysics
2004: Intrepid Geophysics Info Release
Keywords: gravity modelling,magnetism modelling,3dgeology
(FitzGerald & McInerney)

New discrimination methods for euler deconvolution
2003: Proceedings SAGA Conference
Keywords: gravity modelling, magnetism modelling, 3dgeology, Euler
(FitzGerald, Reid & McInerney)

Integrated geophysical and geological modelling of the Hercynian Suture Zone in the Champtoceaux area (south Brittany, France)
2003: Tectonophysics 
Keywords: gravity modelling, potential field method, 3dgeology
(Martelet, Calcagno, Gumiaux, Truffert, Bitri, Gapais & Brun)