Salt Domes


Description of the project

Imaging Base of Salt is a Challenge for Seismic Method.  Can gravity/gradiometry data successfully image Base of Salt?

The SEG Advanced Modeling (SEAM) I model incorporates a wide range of features that are a challenge to
image with the seismic method. New software has been developed over the past few years for the inversion of gravity gradient data. This rapid development of potential field inversion algorithms and workflows provides an opportunity for improved recovery of base of salt (BOS) structures. A simplified version of the SEAM I density model was used to generate synthetic airborne survey data incorporating noise levels of current gravity gradiometer systems and lower noise systems under development. These data were used to successfully recover the broad BOS structure using three different inversion algorithms. A stochastic inversion approach using lower noise data was able to recover more detailed structures in the BOS.

David Hatch* and Maria Annecchione, Gedex Inc; Richard Krahenbuhl, Colorado School of Mines; David 

Walraven, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Imaging the SEAM I base of salt with gravity gradiometer data 
SEAM workshop presentation GMRC Intrepid Presentation