Marine Gravity Processing APP powered by INTREPID for on-cruise and post-cruise use. 

A fast, easy to use wizard - unmatched ease of quality processing


Performs data reduction and QC - Processing to fully corrected Free Air grids

Exclusive to Air/Sea II & MGS-6 marine gravity meters by Micro-g La Coste and Scintrex


A new paradigm in Marine Gravity data processing:

  • Save costs on cruise-staff (Employ a trained software operator not a senior geophysicist)

  • Versatile use, same high-quality processing (Near real time on-cruise, or post-cruise)

  • De-risk your data acquisition (With mid-voyage checks on appropriate survey design)


Sea-g flowchart - Single cruise processing to Free Air 

MGS-6 or Air Sea II meters (For meter enquiries: Scintrex and Micro-g LaCoste) →

Raw data import ↓

1. Select Project [set working path / directory]
2. Import and Prepare for Data Processing
3. Establish Gravity Meter Settings [Review / edit calibration data]
4. Output settings [Select output directory / output database name]
5. View Profiles [temporal /spatial data stream - choose displays]

Filtering ↓

6. Apply Filter choice [Fuller, Exact Blackman, RC]

Corrections ↓

7. Convert raw gravity to relative mGal
7a. Apply Corrections [Eötvös, Earth tide, platform motion, drift]
8. Edit cruise data [null segments] from corrected gravity [e.g., Trim to survey design, remove cruise turns]

Splitting & Analysis ↓

9. Split the cruise data into a new lines database [at nulls]. Analyse Repeat Line sets. Set 'Ignore' lines for leveling /gridding [optional]

Leveling ↓

10. Level. Adjust polynomial degree and relevel [optional).

Cross-over analysis ↓

10a. View mis-closures, apply line profile adjustments, save database 

Gridding ↓

11. Grid Free Air Anomaly [includes FA, levelled FA, Difference grids) Reports and products.

Cruise definition

- Sea-g supports single cruise data
- Same ship / same meter installation & set-up
- Up to 2 still-port readings (before/after)
- More than 15 days of cruise data
- Data may be contiguous or non-contiguous days
- Multiple input data files


DOWNLOAD our Sea-g APP Wizard Flyer for quality 'Free Air' processing

Don't have data from a MGS-6 or AirSea-II meter?

Want to incorporate bathymetry for Bouguer Corrected maps?

 ... Then use selected INTREPID tools to perform all levels of processing, including Advanced Marine Gravity Processing from the standard INTREPID user interface.