"Thank you so much for your timely help.  I found that your company does great introductions for learners who have GeoModeller.  I will continue to work with you and recommend your software".

Li Zhen Cheng, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT), February 2018


"Since about 20 years, we use Geomodeller in the University of Neuchâtel for PhD research projects and teaching purposes at the Master level (around 15 students per year). The main strength of GeoModeller is that it allows our students to be able to generate complex 3D geological models just after a few hours of training. The software is very intuitive and allows the students to construct structural models that we can then import for groundwater or geothermal simulations in Feflow or other numerical modeling tools.  As compared to the alternative tools currently on the market, we find GeoModeller to be the best choice: we can integrate all important structural data  easily (which is not the case in other packages), we can interact rapidly and easily with the model to constrain the geometry interactively when required, we can compute geophysical responses such as gravimetry within the software to check that the model matches adequately the field data. And all of that can be done in a simple manner without having to train the students for months before they can construct their aquifer models. In addition, it is now possible to use geostatistical algorithms and populate the aquifer model with rock properties in such a manner that heterogeneity follows the geological structures."

Philippe Renard, University of Neuchâtel, July 2017


"The upgraded INTREPID v.5.6.2 is a welcome release. Its performance is much improved! I am a happy user, especially for the Depth to Basement Interpretation tool, running Murthy and Rao's algorithm. Thanks a lot for all the effort you have put in."

Katja Hirsch, Potential Fields Specialist, Maersk Oil May 2017


"I'd like to express my satisfaction and gratitude for the professional work completed by Intrepid Geophysics.  In mid 2016 we used SkyTEM from Denmark to complete an airborne time domain electromagnetic survey in North Kazakhstan.  The area surveyed had the added difficulty of a power line running through the area, which can cause interference in the acquisition of the data.  I found Intrepid to be highly professional and knowledgeable with regards to the acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical data. I have no doubt that the improved 2.5D inversion code re written and improved by Intrepid is an industry standard when dealing with AEM data.  I have no hesitation in recommending Intrepid to any Exploration or Mining professional". 

Kent Balas, Chief Geologist, Aurora Minerals Group, Republic of Kazakhstan, January 2017


"INTREPID's Gridmerge is exceptional. I can't think of anything better for virtually seamless merging of multiple grids! I have also found variable sampling density options in the gridding package to be particularly useful for gravity where there are surveys with different sample spacing." 

Terry Hoschke, Consulting Geophysicist, Alterrex Pty Ltd, November 2016


"the Geological Survey of Nambia is financially committed in 3D modelling, while systematically building in-house capacity. Intrepid Geophysics has been an incredible partner and service provider in terms of software support and capacity building."  

John-Paul Mubita Mubita, Chief Geoscientist, Geological Survey of Namibia, September 2016


"I truly think that GeoModeller covers a very good range of workflows. Actually there´s not much more I can add to its workflow variety and capabilities as compared to other similar competing tools available in the market." 

Vitor Hugo Ribeiro Araujo, Principal Geologist, Lundin Mining November 2014


"Geology is 3-D visualization and this program has made that possible; allowing both on-the-fly and detailed models of geology. I love how the forward and inverse modelling philosophy is “borrowed” from geophysics and built into the program as a way of refining and truthing geological models."  

Heather Campbell Geologist, Baffinland Mines April 2014