Web Data Delivery

JetStream is a technology developed by Intrepid Geophysics to enable a spatially searchable data catalogue to be quickly compiled and made available to the user or general public, for download via a web application (or intranet) running within a standard browser.

Enhanced data retrieval from JetStream is made available with Intrepid software, for performing tasks on-the-fly at download, such as:

-Cookie-cutting (sub-sets of data)
-Projection conversions


Some of the publicly available web sites which are powered by JetStream are listed below:

GADDS (Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System, Geoscience Australia)

SARIG (South Australian Resources Information Geoserver)

IWDDS (Interactive Web Data Delivery System, Geological Survey Ireland)


Case Study: Geological Survey of Ireland Ireland's marine data provided free over the internet via JetStream [PPT]