Implicit 3D Geological Modelling Engine

Implicit 3D Geological Modelling Engine

Cokriging Implicit Modelling


Use structural data to constrain

Structural data such as contact points, bedding orientation and fold axes can be included.

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Add Data

Add new data to refine the model in real-time

Honour Depth Observations

Honour depth observations by intergrating drillhole data

GeoModeller uses a geostatistical vector field interpolator to build the 3D interfaces and fault network using structural data, sections, drillholes and geophysics as inputs. The CoKriging interpolator allows the user to define formation-specific anisotropy settings to better represent geological structures even with sparse and scarce data. Model topology is set via the stratigraphic pile which enables the transfer of external geological knowledge into the modelling with minimal setup. Advanced fault network management enables realistic structurally complex modelling.

Common Applications/Task

Regional to mine scale geological modelling

Workflow into resource estimation, watermodelling or geophysical inversion

Produce results that are effective for communication

Relevant Industries


Oil & Gas

Groundwater Modelling

Geological Surveys