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Products and Licensing

GeoModeller and Intrepid software are offered on a monthly or annual subscription for commercial users. The subscription also includes upgrades, support, and maintenance. GeoModeller and Intrepid modules are split into three tiers of increasing featurization: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced. Academic users and students have access to specialized licensing options, contact us for more details.

Sea-g and JetStream are offered as a commercial product on an annual subscription.

Software Products


GeoModeller 4 uses an implicit 3D geological modelling interpolator which uses real field structural data (bedding, contacts), stratigraphic rules and borehole data to build your model.
Native integration with our potential field geophysical modelling platform allows users to model forward and inverse grav/mag/seismic/em signatures in the same application.


Intrepid 6 forms a comprehensive suite specialized in potential field geophysics data processing. Intrepid 6 provides tools to for line filtering, leveling, gridding, FFT filtering, interpretation aid, survey design, reprojection, decorrugation and numerous forward and inverse 1D/2D/3D modelling algorithms for Grav and Mag. Moreover, Intrepid is the only general purpose commercial package available to fully provide a complete FTG data processing solution.


Sea-g 5 encapsulates state of the art specialist tools for Marine Gravity Survey processing. The software is designed to enable users to process their data on the fly, as it is being collected. Sea-g 5 is powered by the tried and true Intrepid 6 technology.


JetStream provides fast, secure web delivery of all spatial vector and raster (grid) datasets, relational databases, and maps or reports. The JetStream webapp allows the user to choose subsets of data, extract and compress – through a GIS interface, with no loss of precision. Operations such as gridding and re-projection can also be performed on-the-fly.


Minimum Term1 Month
1 Year

Payment FrequencyMonthly

  • GeoModeller
  • Intrepid
  • Sea-g
  • JetStream
Implicit 3D Geological Modelling Engine
Drillhole Management
Advanced Fault Network Management
Standard Grid/Mesh Import Export
Resource Estimation
Forward 3D Potential Field Modelling
Lidar, Tensor and Vector Data Clustering
Intrepid Software Interoperability
Forward 2D Seismic Modelling
Forward 3D Potential Field Modelling
Stochastic Potential Field 3D Inversion
Integrated 2D/3D Inversion
Tensor Field 3D Inversion
Geothermal Modelling
Micro-Seismic Temporal Filtering
Smart Layered Mesh Generation
FEFLOW Unstructured Mesh Compatibility
Groundwater Simulation Meshing
1D EM Forward Modelling
1D AEM Inversion
3D Multi Scale Edge Detection
Euler Depth to Basement Estimation
Includes Intrepid Basic
Sea-g features are not divided into tiers.
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JetStream features are not divided into tiers.
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