Mining Software Solutions


GeoModeller and Intrepid technologies bring value at all stages of the mine cycle, from the early strategic exploration and planning to the daily grade monitoring. Seamless integration between geology and geophysics allows for fully integrated interpretation with optimized decision-making.

GeoModeller Resource Estimation

GeoModeller provides a complete suite of 3D interpolators and a comprehensive variographic analysis module aimed at grade estimation. Standard solutions includes deterministic inverse distance interpolation, masked kriging and Gaussian simulations.

GeoModeller 3D geological implicit modelling

GeoModeller uses a geostatistical vector field interpolator to build the 3D interfaces and fault network using structural data, sections, drillholes and geophysics as inputs. The CoKriging interpolator allows the user to define formation-specific anisotropy settings to better represent geological structures even with sparse and scarce data.

GeoModeller Stochastic Grav/Mag Inversion

Use our geologically integrated joint Grav/Mag stochastic inversion algorithm to discover more, tackle risk and propose alternative interpretations

GeoModeller 1D AEM inversion

Upgrade from CDI sections and process your AEM data by yourself in a completely integrated environment with our complete 1D AEM inversion solution. Or, for the most challenging jobs, discover our unique 2.5D AEM inversion service.

Intrepid Grav/Mag Interpretation

Intrepid features a comprehensive list of interpretation techniques for potential field geophysics grids. Structurally significant structures such as dykes and fault can be extracted from Bouguer or TMI maps using WORME.

Intrepid Grav/Mag modelling and inversion

Intrepid offers the largest range of method for 2D and 3D forward and inverse modelling of potential fields geophysics. Our tool can handle scalar, gradients and tensor measurements in point, line, or grid formats.