Our Solutions


Intrepid Solution

Oil and Gas

The GeoModeller and Intrepid 3D software suites provides users with tailored solutions focused on problem-solving using geoscience and geophysics data which can then be utilized for Oil & Gas exploration and modelling purposes.

Mining Software Solutions

GeoModeller and Intrepid 3D technologies bring value at all stages of the mine cycle from early strategic exploration and planning to daily grade monitoring. Using both Geology and Geophysics allows for fully integrated interpretation resulting in optimized decision-making.

Data Management & Cataloguing

JetStream is our web data serving solution based on a variety of Open Data Access Protocols. With JetStream’s implementation a client uses a standard web-browser to search for and/or download various geological and geophysical datasets.

GeoModeller Groundwater

Intrepid Geophysics markets an extensive series of tools geared at Groundwater applications, from 3D geological modelling to integrated meshing and advanced geophysics. Put the geo back into hydrogeology and increase the reliability of your conceptualization with our technology.

GeoModeller & Intrepid Education Program

We are dedicated to promoting the acquisition of industry critical skills in geoscience graduates by easing their access to our tools. For this purpose, Intrepid Geophysics supports a partnership program to foster the acquisition of computational geoscience knowledge.

Marine Gravity

Sea-g is a fully featured Marine Gravity Processing application powered by Intrepid technology for on-cruise and post-cruise use. Sea-g takes the user step by step through the planning, data reduction, filtering, QA/QC and processing of gravity data.