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Online Payments Facility

You can now make SECURE Online payments to Intrepid Geophysics (such as lease/rental, licence, training session and maintenance fees) via our Paymate Express Online Payments Facility.

Instructions for Use

Click on the ‘Paymate’ icon.

  • A new Paymate Express Payment window will open with Intrepid Geophysics listed top of the page

Complete all required fields with the following steps

Step 1

  • Order/Item – please enter Invoice number
  • Select Country – options listed
  • Copy the capital letters and number into the text box

Step 2

  • Enter Card Holder Details requested – Name, Address, etc

Step 3

  • Enter Payment Details requested – Amount in AUD, card type, card number etc.
  • Submit Payment – ‘Make Payment’
  • Yes to Payment
  • Wait 30 seconds for payment to be submitted