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About Intrepid

INTREPID is a software package with extensive capabilities in airborne, ground, and marine magnetics and gravity data including radiometrics data processing.

Now also offering comprehensive support for Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) and Falcon data

Premier software for QC, processing, filtering, leveling, gridding, interpreting, visualising and map making.

This is your industry trusted software – delivering results for over 30 years !

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Intrepid Software


The Intrepid software commercial range allows flexible licensing and featurization. Power your up your projects with the leading geophysical all-purpose toolbox. Automate your workflow from line filtering and gridding to inversion and interpretation using our updated Google Protocol Buffer enabled API. Industry users are offered a wide variety of licensing options, including site licenses, and premium online support.

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Intrepid Geophysics offers academic pricing and featurization for research applications. Our comprehensive online documentation is fully referenced to enable users to review our methods an technologies with complete transparency and accountability.

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Intrepid is available as an educational tool for specialized teaching institutions via our student program. Registered students get the opportunity to be trained on industry grade software and practices for improved job prospects.

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