GeoModeller and Intrepid Education Program

Education Program

Intrepid Geophysics acknowledges via its Educational partnership program that the age of information and integration requires the next generation of Geoscientists to be familiar with modern industry grade tools.
We are dedicated to promote the acquisition of industry critical skills in geoscience graduates by easing their access to these tools.
For this purpose, Intrepid Geophysics supports a partnership program to foster the acquisition of computational geoscience knowledge.


Contact us to join our launch partner to shape the future of the Geosciences.

Who can apply?

In Australia, all CRICOS registered 01073-5 higher teaching institution may join the program. Check the CRICOS database to verify your the eligibility of your institution.
Overseas, teaching institution will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Students cannot join the program directly although are invited to liaise with their Professors and/or Dean of this opportunity.

What are the requirements?

Prospective teachers must be proficient GeoModeller and/or Intrepid users. If it is not the case, Intrepid Geophysics may offer special trainer courses.
A relevant official full-time geological/geophysical modelling course must be offered by the teaching institution.
No commercial or academic use of the software is permitted.

What is included?

The teaching institution is awarded a set number of educational node-locked licenses for use in the lab.
Teachers are provided exclusive training material to assist them in the classroom.
Enrolled students are granted a license for their own machine and will received an Intrepid Geophysics certificate of completion.