GeoModeller Groundwater


Intrepid Geophysics markets an extensive series of tools geared at Groundwater applications, from the 3D geological modelling to integrated meshing and advanced geophysics.
Put the geo back into hydrogeology and increase the reliability of your conceptualization with our technology.

GeoModeller 3D geological implicit modelling

GeoModeller uses a geostatistical vector field interpolator to build the 3D interfaces and fault network using structural data, sections, drillholes and geophysics as inputs. The CoKriging interpolator allows the user to define formation-specific anisotropy settings to better represent geological structures even with sparse and scarce data.

GeoModeller Unstructured Mesh

Convert your GeoModeller model into fully unstructured tetrahedron mesh with guaranteed watertight and manifold properties using GeoModeller and CGAL technologies. Import your mesh into DHI’s FEFLOW finite element groundwater simulation software.

GeoModeller 1D AEM inversion

Upgrade from CDI sections and process your AEM data by yourself in a completely integrated environment with our complete 1D AEM inversion solution. Airborne Electromagnetics inversion is a proven way to measure aquifer conductivity levels and variations in time and space such as in the case of saltwater intrusions. For the most challenging jobs, discover our unique 2.5D AEM inversion service.

Intrepid Grav/Mag Interpretation

Intrepid helps you track water table fluctuations with the gravity semi-automated interpretation toolkit. Hydrologically significant structures such as dykes and fault can be traced with the magnetic interpretation in Intrepid software.