GeoModeller aims to create steady-state, implicit geological models from a range of geophysical and geological datasets as well as enhancing models and interpretations through the use of forward and inverse geophysical modelling, with the inclusion of Airborne EM.

The GeoModeller product is created such that it can manage and quantify all aspects of uncertainty associated with creation a single, or multiple instances of a common Earth model.

GeoModeller provides a variety of tools such as Resource Estimation, 2D/3D geophysical and geothermal modeling, multi-scale data integration, advanced drillhole management and Airborne EM inversions to your in-house experts so that they can extract relevant data and create value-add products for industries like mining, oil & gas, geotechnical and groundwater.

GeoModeller 2023, One of Intrepid Geophysics’ latest efforts, has been developed with modern architecture and technology in mind, providing stability and extensibility into it’s future. GeoModeller 2023 is far more adaptable to the changing preferences for desktop and cloud-based solutions.

Industry users are offered the software on a subscription model, with a wide variety of licensing options, including site licenses, and premium online support.

GeoModeller is also offered towards Academic and Educational purposes.

Contact us for more information and a quote or download the application and request an evaluation license.

GeoModeller Licensing


GeoModeller Base modules

GEOLOGY MODELLING Full 3D geology model-building including all input/output, editing, visualisation, advanced drill hole management, interpolation of drill hole attributes, 2D/3D grid/mesh visualisation & computation, geology & resource volumetrics, property optimisation. Forward Grav-Mag geophysics modelling in 2.5D & 3D. And forward prediction of synthetic 2D seismographs.

Add-on GeoModeller Cluster Tool

For automated structural analysis: Performs 2D/3D point data clustering. Available for: conventional data (anisotropic, isotropic), tensor data, vector data. Dip calculation reports. Implicit surface solved for final planes (GeoModeller and INTREPID interoperable).


Add-on GeoModeller Grav/Mag Inversion

FULL GRAV/MAG INVERSION Litho-constrained stochastic geophysical inversion. Including joint inversion of any number and combination from: gravity, magnetics, tensor grids of Grav/Mag, and component tensor grids of Grav/Mag. Litho-constraints are either directly from 3D geology (GeoModeller-Base) or linked to an imported starting lithology or property voxet. Also includes any combination (%) from Fixed Geology Property-Only inversion to Fixed Property Geology Geometry-only inversion. This module also includes 3D geothermal computations, and a micro-seismic events record viewer with a temporal filter.

Add-on GeoModeller Geothermal

Forward heat flow modelling, integrated with the 3D geological modelling engine.

Add-on GeoModeller CGAL Libraries

For building meshes of surfaces and volumes by triangular and tetrahedral elements, derived from implicit models from GeoModeller, exporting to various finite element mesh formats.


Add-on GeoModeller 1D Airborne EM Inversion & Support For Viewing 2.5D Inversion Products

Enabling: Load/interrogate your airborne EM survey data; Create geological sections for each line; Create a geology model and predict the 1D EM response; Review the predicted outcomes as log conductivity sections and 3D Point clouds of predicted resistivity/conductivity; Establish the project required for a 2.5D inversion service to be performed by Intrepid Geophysics for a fee (see below). Supports all common commercial airborne EM systems.

Add-on GeoModeller 2D/3D Worms

For automated structural analysis: Performs Multi-Scale Edge Detection (Worming) and Euler Depth to Basement. Creates databases CSV for worms, points, lines. Uses the Digital Terrain (GeoModeller and INTREPID inter-operable).

Highlights Features




GeoModeller Academic and Education


With its open science approach, academics are always assured of the exactitude of their results.
GeoModeller is a transparent box with all its core functionalities fully described in leading edge publications and online documentation.

Intrepid Geophysics is aware of the funding challenges researchers face and supports them with special academic pricing.

Educational / Student

GeoModeller is available as an educational tool for specialized teaching institutions via our student program. Registered students get the opportunity to be trained on industry grade software and practices for improved job prospects.

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